ven though this book falls under “non-fiction” where it is difficult to let creation and fantasy unfold, the author managed to combine these two almost incompatible styles and instil life into this unique work.

Who in his childhood didn’t dream about saving world or do something spectacular? As years add up we step step-by-step abandon our dreams and we join a crowd which blindly follows that which it is supposed to do. Possibly we try to keep some “unique characteristic” and we believe we would differ from the crowd by this imaginary revolt.

Only few succeed to live their dream during their productive years. The author of the book, COURAGE – 100 Years of Striving for Freedom, lives his life in full. While working on this project he turned forty, but this by far is not his only work or life work. Aside from his single publications, like the release of a DVD in 2008, or his thus-far unpublished poetic works, or his music composition from 2011, one could say he is virtually a novice in the field of publications.

He graduated his university degree in the subject of Economics and in the long-term he is successful in his life in different areas. He is faithful to more traditional values and although with his wife for twenty years and has two small children, he’s not short of activity and turbulence in life sparked by his creativity. Already by the age of 18, he started to travel around the world. He has by now visited 30 countries and took 30 flights in the past year alone. He is the author of many successful projects, and co-founder of several bona fide projects focusing on solving problems of today’s society. In humanitarian fields his name is renowned and is known worldwide as a philanthropist.

People turn to him with personal problems and thanks to the technology for improving life of people – a technology he found 16 years ago – he not only can be a good advisor, but also a friend and a good example of success.

Despite of having a very orderly way of life, one also could say about him he is a kind of “rebel” and it is not his custom to think or act like “the majority.”. He follows has followed this philosophy of life since his childhood and though this attitude was causinged him not small problems in the early years of his life, he gradually found the a way how to be accepted by others yet still remain himself.

A good example of his unconventional attitude towards life is his view of literature. Already as a little boy, he read the entire library of his parents and the bigger part of the school public library and only then, with “nothing left for him to read,” he began reading fairy tales for children. Many of the books he read significantly influenced his viewpoint towards life, which he widened then by travelling. During the first two decades since reaching the productive age, he worked hard and only when he achieved success did he engage in his own literary creation.

The book COURAGE – 100 Years of Striving for Freedom has the potential to become a successful publication on an international level. The style of the book, it’s contents and scope, as well as artistic form of the work, possess a very good narrative ability expressing his sense of detail, timelessness and grandeur as well. It’s exactly a product of his style – significant, fascinating, unique, in its own way “perfect” and at the same time practical and meaningful.